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Frequently Asked Questions

Once I have registered, how do I access my Replay® account?
All new members are sent an activation email immediately upon filling out the new member sign up form and clicking the "Register Now" button. New players must activate their new accounts by clicking a link provided in that email. Only then can new members log in.

Once I have registered and activated my account, how do I get into my Replay® account?
At the very top of the opening page (www.nhlotteryreplay.com), you'll see "Replay® Login." Type in your email address and your Replay® password, and then click "go."

What if I never received my activation email after I registered?
Check your spam filter or Junk Mail folder for an email from memberservices@nhlotteryreplay.com. To ensure our emails reach your inbox, add memberservices@nhlotteryreplay.com to your address book. Click here to learn how.

How do I know who wins the monthly prize drawing as well as the Ultimate Replay® prize drawing?
That information goes out with the monthly e-newsletter that follows the drawing. It is also listed on the New Hampshire Lottery Commission's website which is www.nhlottery.com. Winner information can also be found on the Replay® website. Of course, if you are one of the lucky winners, we'll call you and send you an email! 

How do I enter my accumulated points into the drawings?
In the center of the opening page you will see a blue login box. Type your email address and your Replay® password into the fields and then click the orange "login" button. Once you are logged in you will see a blue box at the top of the page with an option to “Use points for Monthly Prizes.” This is where you can enter your points into monthly prize drawings. In the same blue box at top of page you can also click “Enter Ultimate Prize.”  This is where you can enter your points into the Ultimate Prize drawing that changes every three months.

How do I enter my Hot Lotto®, Mega Millions®, Megabucks Plus℠, and/or Powerball® subscription to receive Replay® points?
Once you open an account, log in to the account (top center of the page, type in your email address and password – click on "login"). On the next page, in the center of the page, you will see an orange box with the heading “Get Replay® Points for Your Subscriptions.” There you will see a spot to type in your subscriber number and subscription reference number. Both of those numbers are on the confirmation card you received for purchasing the subscription. The numbers are below the "Gift/From" section of the card. Enter those numbers, click the “Replay® This Subscription” button and you will receive all of the Replay® points for that subscription at once.

You don't have to wait until the last draw or do it draw by draw. If you can't locate your card, call the Lottery during business hours and ask for that information, at (603) 271-2825.

Where are the Replay® codes on the instant scratch tickets?
For instant tickets – all the information you will need is on the FRONT of the ticket under the scratch-off area. You might need to remove all of the latex on the ticket. You'll see 9 digits followed by 4 more digits for a total of 13 digits. Look either in the lower left- or lower right-hand corner of the ticket for the 3-digit ticket number. It's in a small white box.

Where are the Replay® codes on the Mega Millions®, Powerball®, Megabucks Plus℠, Hot Lotto® and those types of tickets?  
Online tickets have a longer serial number (30 digits) that must be entered in order to get Replay® points for your ticket. For Mega Millions®, Powerball®, Megabucks Plus℠-type tickets, the Replay® code is on the FRONT of the ticket in the center of the ticket. Look for the word "RETAILER" and you are to enter those 6 numbers. Beneath the Retailer number is the 35-digit serial number. You only have to enter the first 30 digits. 

If my ticket has won a prize, how do I get Replay® credit for the other sets of numbers on my ticket?
If your ticket has won a prize, it is considered a winning ticket. This is regardless as to the number of sets of numbers on your ticket or the number of drawings your ticket is good for. If it has won a prize, it is a winning ticket and winning tickets are not eligible for Replay® points. Some players separate their tickets in order to avoid this.

Do I need to keep my tickets after I have entered the Replay® codes?
The Replay® program won't ask you for these tickets. Some lottery players keep all of their non-winning tickets in anticipation of a "big" win. They use them to offset their taxes by writing off those non-winning tickets on their tax return.

Is there a page I can see where I have entered my points into the various drawings?
Next to every monthly prize listing, click "View your total entries for this prize." 

Why am I getting an "invalid ticket" message when I try to enter my non-winning tickets?
There are a variety of reasons why this message may be coming up. First of all, make sure you are entering the right numbers from those tickets. Secondly, make sure you are not trying to enter a winning ticket. You'd be surprised at how many players are finding out that they are holding a winning ticket instead of a non-winner. Thirdly, check the schedule when your tickets are eligible to be entered. Not all games may be entered immediately upon purchase:
Powerball®, Hot Lotto®, Mega Millions®, Megabucks Plus℠, Pick 3®, Pick 4®, Lucky for Life:
These games may be entered after 9:00 AM the day after the last draw date on your ticket. Exchange tickets are not eligible for Replay® points since the original ticket won a cash prize. With multi-draw tickets, you may enter them after the last draw date on your ticket. 
Fast Play™:
Fast Play™ may be entered 9:00 AM the day after purchase. 
Instant Tickets:
Instant tickets may be entered immediately after purchase. 
How do I see what monthly prizes are being offered?
At the top center of the opening page log in to your Replay® account. Type in your email address and your password, then click "login." On the next page, you'll see a blue navigation box at the top center of the page. Within the box click “Use Points for Monthly Prizes” and you should see the various monthly prizes to enter your points. 
How do I change my email address (or other information) in my Replay® account?
You can change the email address (and other information). Log into your account using your old address and password. Once in your account, there is a blue navigation bar at the top center of the page. On the left side within the box, click on “Manage Account” and all the information that you entered to set up the account will appear. You can go in and erase the old information and type in the new data. 

At the bottom of the page, click on "Save My Changes." If done correctly, at the top of the page you'll get a message that states that the changes were made successfully. 

I am signed up to receive emails from the Lottery but I don’t receive them; why is that?
Check with your email provider to see if there is a way to enter our email address of memberservices@nhlotteryreplay.com on a safe list. Entering our address on that list tells your email provider that this is not spam and to send it through to you.  Click here to learn how to do this with the major email programs.

When I go to register all of my information to sign up for an account, why won’t the page let me confirm my information?
When you went to the website – www.nhlotteryreplay.com – did you click on "Register"? This brings you to the "Sign Up to Play" page, where you provide us with your name, address, email address, the Replay® password that you come up with, your telephone number and so on. Don't forget to check off if your residential address is or is not the same as your mailing address. Then you may opt in to receive winning lottery results from us, e-newsletters and Replay® alerts and in doing so, you receive Replay® points. Read through the disclaimer and click on "I Agree," then click “Register Now.” 

If you have submitted all of the information in the right format, the next page you should see is a message telling you how to activate your account. (New players must activate their new accounts by clicking a link provided in an email. Only then can new members log in.) If you do not see this message, review the information on the form, and look for error messages in red. Correct those and make sure all of the information is complete once again, then click “Register Now.” 

When I log into my account and click on "login," nothing happens. What should I do?
Make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off, then retry - you should be all set after clicking on "go." 

What online tickets (Mega Millions®, Powerball®, Megabucks Plus℠, Hot Lotto® and the like) are valid for Replay® points?
Non-winning online tickets may be entered up to one year from the draw date on the ticket. 

What instant tickets are eligible for Replay® points?
Non-winning instant tickets maybe be entered up to one year from the termination of the game. (See New Hampshire Lottery® website for detailed list of game termination dates.)

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Updated February 4, 2013